1. Can anyone join ADI, or do you have to be a designer? Do I need to be approved?

Anyone can join ADI, but only designers meeting the requirements are eligible for the Professional and Associate categories of membership. Acceptance as a professional or Associate member requires approval. Please visit the "Who can become member of ADI?"

2. I want to become a member. How do I join?

Download the form from the website, fill it out and email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Email us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll mail you an application

3.How do I determine what kind of membership I am eligible for?

If you are currently a full-time student, you are eligible for a student membership. In order to complete your application for student membership, you must send us proof of your full-time status. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • a dated receipt for your current semester of classes;
  • a dated official bonafide student certificate; OR
  • a student ID that displays a date for the current semester.

If you are a part-time student, your membership category depends on how many years you have been practicing design: two years or fewer means you are eligible for an associate membership; more than three years puts you at the professional level. Part-time students are not eligible for the student membership category.

If you are a full-time design faculty member, you are eligible for Professional or Associate membership.

If you are a practicing designer, your number of years of practice will determine whether you can apply for Professional membership or Associate membership.

If you are not a designer but are related like an ethnographer, design manager, brand manager, organization head, business head, model maker, marketing and sales of design services, technical support, Engineering or Print expert, vendor of design related products & software, design writer, media, you may apply for Affiliate membership. Please visit the "Who can become member of ADI ?

4. What's the difference between being a student member and being a professional member?

Student members cannot vote or run for National Executive Council or Managing Committee, and they cannot use the ADI designation after their names. Their names would be listed in the student member's directory and not as part of professional, associate & affiliate members page service and directory but they are entitled to all other membership & event related benefits and information.

5. When I send in my application for membership, how long will it take for me to receive my membership materials?

After we receive your application, you can expect to receive your membership letter within approximately two weeks unless there are any queries which remain under investigation or are unsatisfied. For new members, a welcome packet will follow shortly thereafter.

If you have not received your membership card after a month, please contact our member coordinator at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Are the membership fees paid annually or one-time only?

Membership dues are annual; once you join, you will receive an invoice about one month before your membership expires. You can return the invoice and payment or renew online using the same ADI account.

Membership period is from 1st.April and ends on midnight 31st March of following year.

7. I just graduated. Do I have to pay full membership dues? What's the difference in membership benefits?

Recent graduates need to join as Associate members and take advantage of discounted dues rate for the first three years after graduation. They receive all the same benefits as professional members except that they can only write Associate member of ADI after their names.

8. I'm not a designer, but my company sells to industrial designers. Can I be a member?

Yes, any non-designer may join ADI as an affiliate member. Affiliate members may not vote or run for national office, but they can be part of sub committees and volunteer for various activities.

9. I'm am a Media person interested in design. Can I be a member?

Yes, any non-designer including media professionals may join ADI as an affiliate member. Affiliate members may not vote or run for national office, but they can be part of sub committees and volunteer for various activities.

10. Can my company join? Is there a group discount?

ADI memberships are individual, not company-based. There are no group discounts for membership, but companies sending multiple designers to ADI conferences may be able to take advantage of group discounts on registrations.

11. Are ADI dues tax deductible?

ADI is society registered Maharashtra Societies Act. Contributions to ADI are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. Dues or contributions may be deductible as a business expense. Consult your tax advisor for details.

12. Do I have to belong to a chapter? What if I'm not near a chapter? What if I move?

All ADI members would belong to a geographic chapter. Designers based outside major metropolitan areas may, of course, have to travel farther to participate in meetings and events. If you relocate to an area served by a different chapter, you can become a part of that chapter or remain a member of your previous chapter.

13. When is a chapter formed ?

Minimum 20 members are required before a region can be granted by NEC to create a chapter. Till then, members are attached to the nearest geographic chapter. The final decision to create a chapter rests with NEC, ADI.

14. Can I attend events held by other chapters?

Absolutely! As an ADI member, you can attend any ADI national, district, chapter or section event and take advantage of member discounts where offered.

15. What can I expect from my ADI membership?

Your member experience is comprised of events and activities at the local level as well as information, inspiration, validation, representation and education at the national level. Please check the member benefits section.

16. What are various sub groups or interest committees and how do I join them?

ADI's Professional and volunteer Interest Sections are a way for members to network and exchange information on topics of professional interest. Members can specify interests when they complete a membership application, but can change their selections at any time by notifying ADI.

Current sections are:

  • Vision First ( Reach voice of design to policy makers)
  • Design Education
  • Design Management
  • Design IPR Protection
  • Design Research
  • Sustainable Design & Practice
  • Design Trends
  • Universal Design
  • Design Events & Organisation
  • Funds & Finance
  • Membership Program
  • Organisation Management

17. How much does membership cost? Can I pay my dues in installments?

ADI dues for professional and affiliate members are different for each category. Please refer the fee table. Service tax is charged over and above as applicable as per govt. rules.. ADI dues are paid annually and may not be paid in installments. Check the membership fees.

18. Do educators receive the same membership benefits as consultants or corporate designers?

Educators who meet the requirements for professional membership in ADI receive all the same benefits.

19. Who is included in the directory?

This directory includes current ADI professional, associate, affiliate and student members. Only professional, affiliate and associate members are able to indicate their areas of practice, so student members will not be displayed as a result of a search including those criteria.

20. What happens to my directory page if I don't renew my ADI membership?

If your membership has expired, your page will no longer show up as part of the ADI Member Directory. When you reinstate your ADI membership, you'll be able to re-join the ADI Member Directory


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