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ADIs vision is to be a world class network representing professional interests of Indian Design community, creating a meaningful interface between design professionals, people as users, the industry, education institutions and the policy makers.


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ADI presents an opportunity to get inspired. By becoming a member of ADI, your horizon of design expands as ADI presents itself as a platform to reach out to other follow designers and their thoughts.



Resurgence | Episode 3: Resurgence of Crafts & Industry | Webinar   This is an edited transcript of a discussion between the panelists listed below, moderated by Suresh Venkat.  Panelists -  Padma shree Laila Tyabji -  Founder of Dastkar.    Neel...


The Association of Designers in India is Calling

Monday, 25th May 2020

The Association of Designers in India is Calling

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