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No matter where you are in your career– a design student, recent graduate, educator, manager or seasoned professional– there's an ADI membership level for you. Individuals or organisations can become members of ADI.

Join ADI to take advantage of exclusive member benefits from India's only active professional body for Designers.

Why join ADI

ADI presents an opportunity to get inspired. By becoming a member of ADI, your horizon of design expands, as ADI presents itself as a platform to reach out to fellow designers. This association is for all Indian design professionals who desire a cohesive effort at elevating the standards of design practice in India, who are keen on promoting Indian design practice and who are interested in networking, learning and sharing with other design related professionals and the industry.

Membership benefits

Honorary Fellows as Peers

ADI honours masters of the profession of design. Persons, who through, thought and work, contributed immensely to the field of design and its development in India. A special honorary membership is granted to eminent Members of the design community.

Senior members as Mentors

Rub shoulders with senior practitioners in the design field. Connect with them as mentors for your refining your practice.

Learn & share at Seminars and workshops

ADI conducts Events and Workshops for member benefit. Events that propagate new thoughts, showcases the power of design and helps you share.

Network at Design Mixer events

As a member, you gain access to an extensive network of designers both locally and internationally. Valuable insights from experienced practitioners on design issues, professional practices and management of business & career opportunities to broaden your design thinking.

Please note we do not share your personal details with any outside agency.

Volunteer for Interest Committees

ADI has created various micro interest groups looking into various design related issues and activities. Become a volunteer in such programs and learn by contributing to a larger cause.


Individual Memberships


A design graduate, a professional designer, practising designer -with experience in design.

Plans (inclusive of GST) 
1 Year: Rs. 1180
2 Years: Rs. 2360     
5 Years: Rs. 5310


Individuals related to design field (serving the design industry, non-designers working for design firms or corporations, skilled artisans, media people etc.):

Plans (inclusive of GST) 
1 Year: Rs. 590   
2 Years: Rs. 1180


Students of design in any university or design college (Valid through student lifetime):

Plans  (inclusive of GST)
One Time: Rs. 590 

Institutional memberships


Any company who is a user of design services:

Plans (Inclusive of GST)
1 Year: Rs. 35,400  
2 Years:  Rs. 70,800

5-year membership at Rs. 1,35,000+ Gst and 3 New Professional/Affiliate members (Currently valued at Rs. 1,65,000+ Gst)

Please connect on  8308827064 to take the 5-year membership and nominate the 3 new members


For Design colleges and institutes:

Plans (inclusive of GST)
1 Year: Rs. 11,800 
2 Years: Rs. 23,600     

5-year membership at Rs. 45,000+ Gst and 3 New Professional Members (Current value Rs. 65,000+ Gst)

Please connect on  8308827064 to take the 5-year membership and nominate the 3 new members

Design Firm

For practicing Design Firms:

Plans (inclusive of GST)
1 Year: Rs. 5900   
2 Years: Rs. 11,800   

5-year membership at Rs. 23000+ Gst and 3 New Professional members (Currently valued at Rs. 40000+ Gst)

Please connect on  8308827064 to take the 5-year membership and nominate the 3 new members