ADI HYD | FutureScape with Pratyusha Pareddy

by Team ADI
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Fri, Apr 16 05:30 PM - Fri, Apr 16 06:33 PM
ADI HYD presents the last talk in the 2nd round of the Futurescapes series.
Pratyusha Pareddy will talk about "Reimagining MedTech Design in a post Pandemic Era"
Date: 16th April
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
The COVID -19 crisis has brought about unprecedented disruption especially in the healthcare industry. It has forced Medtech companies to reimagine their strategies and realign their businesses. This has catapulted designing for the healthcare industry to the centre stage and will lead to a far reaching impact on how healthcare will evolve at a leapfrogging pace. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss the trends we see emerging on paradigm shift in user behaviour towards health, acceleration of development timelines, flexible manufacturing, supply chain management etc.
About Pratyusha:
Pratyusha is a co-founder of Nemocare wellness. She is an Industrial Designer with an electronics engineering background, Pratyusha had experiences which have made her sensitive towards needless neonatal and maternal deaths. With her efforts towards solving the problem, she is perfecting the art of designing life saving solutions which are accessible, affordable and highly accurate. Her stories are not only moving but also insightful. Nemocare has developed a patented IoT enabled wearable on the newborn that continuously monitors the necessary vital parameters used to detect Apnea , Hypothermia and other distress conditions.